Friday, August 7, 2009

Playlist - August 7th Edition

All Time Low - Toxic Valentine. Toxic Valentine is a song coming off the soundtrack for Jennifer's Body. The soundtrack also includes the new Panic! song, a new Cobra song, and a Hayley Williams solo song. There was a real reason this song was not placed on Nothing Personal. It's rather simple. The song sounds nothing like the rest of the album. From the beginning the guitars sound nothing like any of the songs from Nothing Personal. It definitely sounds more like a song from Put Up or Shut Up. It's less upbeat and more rock feeling than the pop-punk sounds of usual All Time Low. So far, the first two songs from the soundtrack are really good. I'm really excited about the Hayley song especially. Check out ATL on myspace HERE.

Owl City - Fireflies. I first heard this song as a free download on Itunes. I had heard songs by Owl City before, but they didn't stand out to me. However, I heard this song and fell in love with it. Adam Young is an extremely good lyricist that puts good relaxing beats to his lyrics. The beat is extremely playful and goes along perfectly with the lyrics. It sounds like fireflies dancing in the wind during the song. I am sorry for anyone who missed the free song, since this was probably the best free song since Check Yes Juliet. You can listen to Owl City on myspace HERE.

The Higher - The Runaway Artist. This song is a lot more mellow than some of their other songs off the album. It is about a girl who ran away from home to live her dreams of becoming a singer. Although she accomplishes her dream, she leaves her home behind and changes everything about her. The song starts with soft guitar and light drum beats and continues on throughout the whole song. This song definitely is more of a story song than a party song especially when compared with the R&B influences of the rest of the album. It's different than the other songs, but still is one of my favorites. In a future playlist article I'm probably going to talk about one of the more upbeat songs by them. Until then, listen to The Higher on myspace HERE.

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