Thursday, August 6, 2009

Better Now Than Never EP Review - The Real You

1. The Truth About Liars
2. Unwound
3. Worse For The Wear
4. Wrong Side Of My Head
5. What It Means To (Love)

The first thing that needs to be said is that The Real You uses piano in all of their songs, separating them from other bands. The Truth About Liars begins sounding almost exactly like Bubbly by Colbie Calliat. However, it is more upbeat and led by piano instead of guitar. Cymbols come in as beats while the piano keeps driving the song. The vocalist performs amazingly and the lyrics are great. The song is musically very diverse as there are just scales of piano stuck in at times. I actually just downloaded this song tonight, and I already like it a lot.
The next song, Unwound, is the reason I wanted to start writing this review. This song could possibly be in my top 10, if not 5 favorite songs of all time. The opening piano is absolutely amazing and as soon as I heard it I was hooked. The lyrics in the chorus are amazing as well as the flow. The piano and guitar work together perfectly to create an absolute masterpiece of a song. I wasn't exaggerating when I said this could be one of my favorite songs ever.
Worse For The Wear was another song I downloaded tonight. It opens by sounding like elevator music with a little bit of a rock feel. The piano slowly comes in when the verse comes. It seems to be a lot less prevalent than the first few songs until the piano solo during the bridge. Jingle bells are heard in the background during the chorus. This song definitely has a different feel to it than the other songs. It's not my favorite, but maybe it will grow on me. It's still a song worth getting.
Wrong Side Of My Head is another song with more guitar than the first two songs. The piano plays more of a background role again. However, it does add some cool effects such as the wind chime sounding scales. I'm not a real fan of this song. It seems a bit too boring to me. There's not much that stands out to me as in Unwound or The Truth About Liars. If you can only get two or three songs, I wouldn't suggest this one.
What It Means To (Love) is another piano led track. The piano continuously leads the song throughout the full length of it. There's some cool guitar between the verse and the chorus which is only heard if you pay attention. Just a little something to listen for. The chorus is catchy with all the "la la la love" phrases and can get you to sing along. This is another good song that I would definitely suggest downloading.
The Real You is definitely a band on the rise. Their piano based alt rock sound is one not heard in many bands nowadays. More bands should try to follow this format. It definitely adds a whole other dimension to the music. I would recommend everyone to buy Unwound right about now. Check them out on myspace HERE.

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