Sunday, August 16, 2009

Artist Profile - Thee Armada

Some of you might have seen the Toyota Rock The Space contest on Myspace. Thee Armada is one of the final five bands in the contest. I've had the pleasure of knowing this band for about a year now. They definitely deserve to win the record deal. They're a pop/rock band from Texas and they take much pride in their hometown. Their first song was actually a song played during Houston Astros games.

That first song I heard for the first time on Sirius Hits 1. Rock Shock and Load is a great rock anthem that could have gotten tons of airplay if it had more publicity. They proclaim themselves the "Boys of Texas" while claps are going along with the beat. The claps then turn into drums and guitar. The Rock Shock And Load hook is shouted right before the chorus. You can tell why this song was a stadium smash hit.

However, the next song I heard by them became one of my favorite songs. Along The Way is the perfect song about having great friends. For my sister's party montage she needed a song for friends. I suggested to use this song. She loved it and it fit in perfectly with the montage. The lyrics have tons of meaning at the riffs are strong. The chorus flows perfectly and the bridge keeps the song moving. You need to download this song now. It's one of the best songs I've ever heard.

They released a new EP in May of this year. I'm not a real fan of it. However, the song on their Toyota Contest player is from this EP. It is easily the best on the EP. It's a fun little song with an amazing hook. The "lalalalala" during the chorus is absolutely irresistible and will hook a listener from the start. If you have any doubt about the catchiness of the song, the whoas during the chorus will remedy that. The guitar also goes along with this song and gives it a great rock feel.

Thee Armada is currently working on their first full length. I think getting signed to Myspace Records would help their record reach its full potential. A real record label would get plenty of publicity for them and allow them to break through. Definitely go vote for them. Check out their myspace HERE.

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