Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rain Or Shine EP Review - Show Me The Skyline

1. Clocks & Calendars
2. It's On Me
3. Get On Your Feet
4. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
5. Speak Up

Before I start reviewing the album, I will start by saying that this is not a lousy electropop album. The cover may make you think that. It's actually a really good pop/rock album with better guitar than you might expect. Also, they're only 2500 plays away from a million. So help em out by listening on myspace below.
Clocks & Calendars begins with a combination of synthesizers and guitar blended together. The verses flow well and definitely stand out. The chorus however is even better. The lyrics and the rhythms all move together perfectly. It is also extremely catchy and will get you to sing along. I definitely think the lyrics sound like Artist Vs Poet. The bridge has hints of All Time Low in it. The final chorus has great riffs throughout the whole thing. This is definitely a great song that can appeal to many different musical tastes. A definite must listen.
The beginning of It's On Me is a bit of a turnoff to me. The electro sounds definitely do not appeal to me. However, if you take 5 seconds for the guitars to come in, the song definitely gets better. The bridge to the chorus is full of extremely catchy hooks. The chorus is good, but nothing special. The bridge does not stand out to me. This is a good song, but nothing special.
Get On Your Feet begins with an extremely depressed tone. The lyrics and piano help with the tone. The guitars then come in and gives the song some energy. Just as suddenly as the guitars come in, the tone changes. It starts to become somewhat of a party song. The chorus is extremely well put together. I can imagine it being a huge crowd song in a concert. The bridge is full of glisses (a note then instantly scaling down quickly a couple of notes) that definitely add some style to it. This song has many stylistic changes that are different from the rest of the album. Definitely another song to check out.
Put Your Money Where You Mouth Is is another song that does not stand out much to me. The verses are decent, but nothing about them is great. The chorus is pretty good, but nothing special. The bridge might be the best part of the song. I love the rhythm and the electronic melody instead of guitar. I suppose the song is catchy, especially the hook in the chorus, but other than that there isn't much more to say.
Speak Up instantly begins with a lot of energy and remains that way throughout the entire song. The guitar and electronics stay very enthusiastic. The chorus isn't as good as the verses, but at least the energy never leaves. The bridge is quieter but the beats definitely keep intensity. The bridge is a repeated chant that could definitely be another great concert part. This song is middle of the pack; not as great as Clocks and Calendars and Get On Your Feet, but still with the other two tracks.
This album is definitely a great Pop/Rock album. You may not think it from the cover artwork, but you might be pleasantly surprised. The members are extremely friendly and will definitely talk to their fans. They are in the studio recording their new album right now, and I am extremely excited. Check them out on myspace HERE.

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