Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To Love And Back Album Review - This Century

Track List:
1. Battling A Heavy Heart
2. To Love And Back
3. Running
4. No Way Out
5. Go Get Her
6. So Cruel

Battling A Heavy Heart begins with drums accompanied by electronics. The electronics fade out to simple drums and bass. The guitar comes in during the first verse and continues on through the chorus. The song is a simple song, yet is catchy and refreshing. I can't see anything that stands out to me, but that doesn't make it a bad song. Simple catchy pop songs work well as long as there is some diversity within the songs.
The title track, To Love And Back, definitely stands out much more. It begins with piano covering the melody with guitar covering the beat. This basically goes on throughout the song. The chorus flows extremely well lyrically and melodically. It still keeps the simple pop song style, but the piano adds another element to the song. I also think that even though they beat of the chorus isn't as catchy, the lyrics flow much better. A highlight from the album.
Running is a longer song; over a minute longer than the rest of the songs. I'm not a huge fan of the verses. They aren't bad, but nothing about them stands out. The pickup to the chorus is several loud heavy drum beats. That is the beginning of the improvement to the song. The chorus is catchy and easy to hum along to. The guitar after the chorus comes in much stronger than the rest of the song. Although it stays to the same style, it definitely sounds different than the other songs. Another great track.
The verses of No Way Out are simple piano and cymbol taps. The lyrics are soft and sweet. The chorus comes in with louder guitar and drums and extremely catchy hooks. The backup vocals definitely help make the song stand out. They create the catchiness of the hooks and along with the claps during the bridge create crowd participation.
Go Get Her definitely sounds different than the rest of the album. It definitely seems more rock than the other songs. The louder guitars and stylistic changes make that easy to realize. The bridge and the pickup to the final chorus also add more rock elements to the song. It's a good song that adds diversity to the album.
So Cruel is a great ending to the album. The song is a heartbreak song about a cheating girl. The melody is piano with drums and guitar as the beat. The chorus is simple but catchy. Actually, simple but catchy can be the theme of the whole album. As I said before, that's not a bad thing. Music does not have to be life changing and epic to be good. Sometimes simple music is all that's needed to have a good time.
This Century's album is definitely full of fun and fairly upbeat music. A great band for guys to play for their girlfriends. Definitely a good album to listen to. You can listen to This Century on myspace HERE.


  1. This blog is sick.... it would be better if you expanded the music you cover. Maybe some rap and some more rock?

  2. Rap...probably not.

    More rock...such as?