Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hot Mess Album Quickie Review - Cobra Starship

This is a quick review of the album. I'm not doing a full track review; instead I will go over the Highlights and Lowlights.

I'm not a huge fan of Cobra, but I have liked several songs on each album. Plus, after the major success of Good Girls Go Bad I was curious to see what the album would sound like. To be honest I'm not thrilled with it.
Nice Guys Finish Last is a decent song. It's very electric and jumpy and is a pretty good opening to the album. Cobra even inserted a guitar solo in the bridge. After the guitar solo there's a weird call and response part with a female voice. The more I listen to this song I can see it's pretty catchy. This might be one of the ones I like.
Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous was the first song released long before Good Girls Go Bad came out. This song instantly became a song I liked a lot. The chorus is extremely catchy with great hooks. This song could and should be the second single off the album. It's less electric than many of their other songs while still being just as catchy as the others.
Everyone knows Good Girls Go Bad. I see no point reviewing it, however I do have something to say. I know many people are angry that this song went popular. Who cares? Like the music for the music. Not for the popularity of it. Don't hate the band just because they sell out. If you still like the music, keep liking it. If they change it so you don't like it, move on. Don't hate.
You're Not In On The Joke is a song that I actually like. The chorus is extremely catchy with "T-t-t-t-t-tongue in my cheek" as a great hook. The lyrics throughout the whole song flow extremely well. This song stood out to me from the first listen. That's important to me. Those songs are usually the ones that turn out to be the best. The bridge is very unusual in which there are screams. Rumors say that it's Pete Wentz. The song then continues with only a piano accompanyment.
Hot Mess is a song that grew on me over time. I originally thought it was pretty bad, but the chorus definitely won me over. The catchy hooks along with the background bongo drums created a great club-rock song.
Living In The Sky With Diamonds stood out to me with the name as being similar to the Beatles song. The chorus doesn't sound like anything that Cobra has done.
The last song, The World Will Never Do, is absolutely terrible. The beat reminds me of a bad song in the background during a porno. Yes, I seriously just said that. They even threw a rap part in at the end. I can't imagine why they would do that. It did nothing to make this lousy song any better.

I'm not a fan of the remixes or the bonus track, so I don't see a point of getting the bonus album. To me, someone who does not know much of Cobra's older stuff other than their few singles, I wasn't thrilled at all. This seems like an album which might grow on me, but also might not. If any other Cobra fans would like to disagree with me, go ahead. I'm willing to take input on this compared to their old stuff. Listen to Cobra on myspace HERE.


  1. i'm OBSESSED with the song hot mess, it's friggin phenomenal.
    i know what you mean about good girls go bad, but at the same time, it still bothers me.

  2. Ehhh...
    The verses aren't my fav.
    The chorus rocks though.

  3. I want to give my own view but the copy I downloaded sounds like ass (not the album itself, just the quality). I like "Hot Mess", it was a grower though, but I can see it being the next single. "Good Girls Go Bad" is ok, but gets annoying after a few listens. "Pete Wentz..." is a really good song, sounds like their older stuff, but with more toungue in cheek.
    Good review, wish you went more in depth though.

  4. Thanks to the poster above.

    I didn't think the album deserved it's own full review. I didn't want to spend so much time on an album that didn't deserve it. If you want some more quick details I'll be more than glad to help it out. And I totally agree with your statements.