Sunday, August 9, 2009

Artist Profile - Artist Vs Poet

Artist Vs Poet is a 5 piece powerpop/rock band from Dallas, Texas. They formed in late 2007 and were signed to Fearless in about a year. They released their first self titled EP in November 2008 before being named by Alternative Press as "one of the 100 Bands You Need to Know in 2009". They are currently in the studio working on their first full length album. This catchy band has emerged quickly and as shown by their signing to Fearless they are becoming well known.
Catchy hooks such as in the chorus of Run Away are what makes AVP stand out. Run Away was a song many people found through the popular iPod app Tap Tap Revenge 2. The opening of the song has great guitar. Additionally, I'm a real fan of the singer's vocals. The chorus is full of hooks that will easily make you love this song. If you need to download one song by them, download this.
Assurance, Closure is another great song. It starts small while building up instruments to the chorus. The guitar comes in strong at the chorus and is another catchy song. There might be a hint of autotune in the chorus, but it sounds great in the one place it might have been used. I'm not 100% sure, so don't take my word for this. There is some cool sounding guitar in the bridge that doesn't seem to show up anywhere else. Overall it sounds similar to Run Away, but as I've mentioned in other reviews that a sound is okay to continue using as long as it's not the band's only sound.
All In is a song that definitely has a different style than the other songs. The song is almost entirely a slow acoustic song. There is also some piano placed in throughout the song. I'm not a real fan of the verses. The pace just doesn't work to me. The chorus is definitely much better as intensity is added. There's also a small electric guitar part during the bridge. It doesn't seem to fit too much. It's a good song, but definitely not my ideal acoustic song.
Artist Vs Poet definitely got off on a good start. Their new album is one of my most awaited albums. There has not been a release date released yet, but when it is I will definitely inform you all. Other songs such as Infallible and Lisa Marie stick to the Run Away/Assurance/Closure style. I would definitely suggest downloading the whole album. Check out Artist Vs Poet on myspace HERE.

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