Saturday, August 15, 2009

Artist Profile - i Rival

I know many of the readers of the blog are interested in the DanceRawrDance tour featuring Breathe Carolina, Family Force Five, and Cash Cash. One band most of you might not know that will be on the tour is i Rival. They are an experimental rock band using styles from both rock and electronica. Also, they were formerly known as Esme. Their music on iTunes is still under the old name. That's why you might not have been able to find them on iTunes. However, some member changes including additions of members of National Product convinced them to change their name. The name change did not change their music as they still sound exactly the same as before. Thus all their old songs are still used.

The first song I heard by them was Dreams Are Real. It definitely begins sounding like a dream before drums and guitar come in. The "sparkle sound" affect is used throughout the song to continue the dream feel. The lyrics in the chorus go perfectly with the theme of the song. The verses aren't the best, but they aren't terrible either. The drums and guitar are both extremely impressive during the bridge. They are definitely worth listening for. This song immediately turned me on to the band long before i Rival was even an idea.

Close Your Eyes was the second song by them I really loved. This song is basically the album title track. If the song would be any other name, it would be the album name. It is definitely a prominent theme in the song. The chorus is what won me over. The "don't wake up" hook instantly got stuck in my head. It flows extremely well as well as being instrumentally impressive. The bridge also keeps the song mysterious and powerful. Definitely another song to download.
However, their best track so far is their first i Rival song Make Me Scream. They had previews of the song up on myspace for months without having the full version. Recently the full version was added. The electronics in the first verse stay mysterious until the song comes on strong with guitar. The chorus is even better than Close Your Eyes. Powerful lyrics and strong but catchy melodies create an amazing chorus. The first half of the bridge is mysterious while the second half is one of the best electronical rock combinations I have ever heard. I think you know my verdict on this song. Get it as soon as possible.

This band is about to bust out huge with this upcoming tour. Additionally, they are touring with Hit The Lights, Sparks The Rescue, and There For Tomorrow in October and November. That is one tour which if I do not go to then bad things will happen. They are also releasing a new album, Don't Wake Up Extended, on September 6th. I'm guessing this will be the old EP + several new songs. Check out i Rival on Myspace HERE.


  1. "We are the ones who called ourselves dreamers, we are who we are!"

    I Rival/Esmé was Atlanta's best kept secret. Now we get to watch them explode on to the masses. :]