Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Playlist - August Singles Part 1

This post will go along fragmented. I will do one song at a time, but will update the post often.

The Summer Set - Chelsea. This song is the first single of The Summer Set's soon to be released album, Love Like This. It is actually the new version of a very old demo by them. I've had the demo song for months while waiting for the real version. It's easily a very catchy song and could also easily break mainstream. The chorus is irresistible and the verses are catchy. Definitely a huge highlight to one of my most awaited albums. Love Like This will be out October 13th. Listen to The Summer Set on myspace HERE.

Hayley Williams - Teenagers. This song is part of the Jennifer's Body soundtrack. It is also Hayley's first solo song. It's an extremely short song, just clocking in over two minutes. It sounds like nothing Paramore has ever done. It is an acoustic guitar song with handclaps in the end. Hayley does the guitar herself, making it a solo song. I really like it. It's nothing like anything I usually listen to, but it's grown on me quickly. Check out Hayley in Paramore on myspace HERE.

We The Kings - Heaven Can Wait. This song was just released on iTunes yesterday, but I had heard it for a week or two now. I actually really did not like this song when it first came out, but it has grown on me a lot. The chorus sounds exactly like The Academy Is on Fast Times At Barrington High. I'm still not much of a fan of the chorus, but it may grow on me. The verses definitely are great. I hope this song is not going to be the best on the album. This doesn't even compare to Check Yes Juliet and Secret Valentine. Check out We The Kings on Myspace HERE.

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