Friday, September 18, 2009

Brand New Eyes Listening Party - Paramore

I was at the listening party for the new Paramore album. Instead of the full review I did last time, I'm just going to put some my quick take in bullets. Once the album leaks, I will have a full review.
And I just noticed they didn't play track one. Depressing much...
  • There were many more slow songs than were in Riot! The album title reflects that. It seems kind of obvious that Riot! would have more energy than Brand New Eyes. There were 4 or 5 slow songs in the whole album.
  • Ignorance and Brick By Boring Brick are great. Those are the two songs I've heard more than once. They will definitely be my favorite tracks at the end of my adjusting to the album.
  • Track 6, The Only Exception, was an all out acoustic song. That's brand new to Paramore. It was actually a very good song. The chorus can get a bit repetitive, but I see it becoming a constant in my playlists.
  • Track 9 started soft. Very soft. And slow. But the guitar exploded right before the second chorus. I'm serious. I jumped. It definitely puts excitement back into the album.
Overall it's different for Paramore. I really think it's another album that needs adjusting to. Hayley's voice is amazing (as usual), but the band has changed. However, the change is just maturation. All bands go through this. This album will separate the real fans from the ones that only liked them when they went top 40. You can listen to Paramore on myspace HERE.

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