Saturday, September 5, 2009

Love Drunk Album Review - Boys Like Girls

1. Heart Heart Heartbreak
2. Love Drunk
3. She's Got a Boyfriend Now
4. Two is Better Than One (featuring Taylor Swift)
5. Contagious
6. Real Thing
7. Someone Like You
8. The Shot Heard 'Round the World
9. The First One
10. Chemicals Collide
11. Go

This album very quickly became one of my most awaited albums of the late summer. Once I became "Love Drunk" for the single, there was no ending of the hype I had for this album. Even Jason Tate from AbsolutePunk said that it was one of the best Pop/Rock mainstream albums of the year. As of now, most of the album is living up to its hype.

Heart Heart Heartbreak was one of the first clips from the album to be heard. BLG released it soon after getting 250k friends on facebook. The song definitely has single potential. The angry guitar of the verses definitely agree with the point of the song. The guitar lightens up for the chorus and is full of addicting hooks. I won't be surprised if this song hits the charts.

Love Drunk is a song everyone has heard. I have also reviewed it in the past. All I need to say is that this song instantly became one of my favorites. It is on the way surging to the top of the charts. In the other post I said it would go top 10. It's looking like that is going to come true.

She's Got A Boyfriend Now is the second single released. It is also the only other song currently on sale on Itunes. It's a catchy and fun song that will be on many teens' playlists. Nothing about the song is amazing, but the individual parts add up. The verses, chorus, beats, melodies, and everything else are good. Another song to definitely add.

Two Is Better Than One is much slower than the first three songs. It also is the song I say will rule the charts. I mostly say that because Taylor Swift is in it. Her recent radio success guarantees domination with this song. I'm not saying that this song isn't good (it is) but Swift will bring many more listeners. It's a slow song that starts acoustic while gradually picking up instrumentation and intensity. By the end of the song it is a powerful ballad that stands out in the album. The album is now 4/4 so far on great songs.

Contagious is the song that instantly stood out to me from the first listen. Definitely one of the most upbeat songs on the album, the strong guitar and flow of the song make it more towards the rock spectrum of the album. This is the song that will probably be most praised by the less mainstream people. The chorus is extremely catchy and energetic. This song would have single potential, but compared to the first four songs it won't have a chance to live up to its potential.

The next song, The Real Thing, is the end of the single caliber music. This song just doesn't stand out to me at all. It seems more filler than anything. The verses aren't great and I don't like the flow or the vocals of the chorus. It reminds me of my opinion of Hello Brooklyn. Definitely the first track on the album I wouldn't suggest buying if you have limited resources.

Someone Like You sounds like it doesn't belong on this album. It's a slow, Christian ballad. The lyrics are obviously about faith. This is just nothing like anything they have done before. I sure hope they don't go on this direction anymore. This song won't get them anywhere.

The Shot Heard Round The World finally puts the album back on track. It opens strong and continues with intensity throughout the song. I'm not a fan of Martin's vocals in this song. This and the last few songs don't sound like old BLG. The chorus is good, but takes a few listens to enjoy. This song is better than the last two, but still isn't great.

The First One is another slow song. I'm surprised to see this many slow songs on the album. So far this is three. The vocals are much improved and I really enjoy them. The chorus is great with lots of emotion. I'm really glad that the album got back on track with this song. There doesn't seem to be much middle territory in this album. The songs are either great or lousy.

Chemicals Collide is definitely another more punk pop song. The verses definitely seem like something out of Relient K. The chorus is much more mainstream and I really enjoy it. This song is definitely up with the first five on the album.

The final track, Go, is also the final slow song. It's also the only true acoustic song. The lyrics are great and the vocals are great as well. The chorus definitely shows both of those. It's a perfect end to a great album.

The album definitely has its ups and downs. However, the ups are exponentially more impacting than the downs. I'm not sure if it's a top 5 album for me this year so far, but it's definitely top 10. I'm expecting mainstream chart domination from this album for the next year. This album was definitely created wanting to rule the charts. It'll live up to that. Check out the whole album on myspace HERE.

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