Sunday, September 20, 2009

Artist Profile - Picture Me Broken

I'll admit it now. I think I have a new crush. It's Layla from Picture Me Broken. She has the clean vocals of Katy Perry, she's a female screamer, and her band is awesome. Oh yeah, did I mention she's 16?

Dearest I'm So Sorry immediately hits you with a wicked breakdown. You immediately notice the similarity of vocals to Katy Perry. Well, maybe if Katy Perry blasted insane screams. This is one of the first female screamo bands I've heard of. Eyes Set To Kill is screamo, but their female does not scream. There may be a few rough edges around parts of the song, but otherwise it sounds great.

Breaking The Fall combines another breakdown with great synth. Layla does the synth in the band along with vocals. You get to hear the male screams during this song. It's crazy how a 16 year old kid can do screams like this. I'm 16 and there's absolutely no way I could do any of that.

They show they can do slow songs as well. If I Never Wake Again slows things down with passionate vocals along with occasional screams. The piano along with the sirens during the intro creates the emotional mood. The vocals are not great in the beginning, but she goes up very high on the register and her voice obviously isn't ready for that. With some practice and rerecording this song could be amazing.

The other three songs on the EP are just as good as these three. Picture Me Broken just won a VMA for best breakout Bay Area Artist. It may be surprising, but they deserved it. I see this band getting into the 15-20 million listen range on Myspace. All they need is someone to give them a chance. Tragic Hero, Epitaph, and Fearless are definitely great fits for them. I think Tragic Hero would be the best for them at this point, seeing as TH started both Alesana and A Skylit Drive's careers. They are currently giving away their EP on purevolume for free, so go check it out HERE.


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    The original four (Georg, Tom, Bill, and Gustav) have nothing to do with Mep, other than the fact that we knew his identity.


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