Saturday, June 22, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Wolf Down

European hardcore outfit Wolf Down really know how to bring the mosh. The currently four-piece vegan straight-edge outfit play a straight forward style of relentless hardcore. The riff-based, breakdown style and atypical three-minute song lengths give Wolf Down a new dynamic in a scene where start-stop tempo shifts and one-minute songs are the norm.

The band's approach is characteristically a fusion of hardcore punk and thrash punk but with a more metallic edge. Songs start out in a mid-tempo headbanging beat with a ripping  guitar sawing over it, which will turn to a slow crunching breakdown. Singer Larissa's throat shredding growls give a signature element over many contemporary hardcore bands which often rely on run-of-the-mill yell-screams. Lyrics are mobilizing and preach freedom of expression, liberation and equality. Often conveyed through self-revelation, her words communicate an easily relatable message that is still open to interpretation.

Hardcore and punk are genres known for these engaging hallmarks, and any hardcore fan should feel comfortable exploring Wolf Down's short two-EP discography. Both MMXI and Renegades feature the same sound and message-driven approach. Though many songs blend together and may sound cookie cutter, the focus is not on uniqueness; rather, the band's focus is on the heavy, the hardcore and importance. Still, the vocal approach lends a hand to change it up from other contemporaries. If you're looking for a new take on the genre, you might be disappointed. Nonetheless, Wolf Down is an accessible band for those engrained in punk and hardcore, and fans of the genre should be able to add them to their roster of talented and strong hardcore.

Wolf Down are going to release their full-length album Stray From The Path later this year. If you're in Europe, you can preorder the album here or here. You can also stream the band's first two EPs on Bandcamp. If you like them, you can purchase them there, or you can download them free from the band's Facebook page via their "About" section.

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