Thursday, June 6, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Beck

Musical chameleon Beck Hansen has touched upon almost every genre imaginable in his 25 year long career. With twelve full-length releases to his name, he’d probably be forgiven at this point for hanging up his almost uncountable array of instruments and retiring to one of the beaches you think about whilst listening to Sea Change. Instead, 2013 is likely to benefit from 2 brand new Beck releases – one acoustic and one which he's termed a “proper” follow up to 2008's Modern Guilt. Given the great success Beck has achieved over the years it’s not without a hint of irony that he postulates “I’m not sure if it’s relevant any more” about his sound - especially as no two of his albums sound alike.

Whether Hansen will follow the tried and tested Odelay route or whether he’ll revisit the experimental psychedelics of Midnite Vultures remains to be seen, but what little we do know from single “Defriended” suggests it’ll likely be more from the latter than the former – exciting news for fans of his more exploratory work.

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