Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Captain, We're Sinking

Last year, The Menzingers released their highly anticipated record On The Impossible Past. The record ended up exceeding all expectations, winning them over a wider fanbase and helped position themselves to sell out quite a few dates on their recently completed headlining tour. Captain, We're Sinking opened that tour, and the release of their debut full length record The Future Is Cancelled may put them on the path that The Menzingers has travelled in the past year. The comparisons to The Menzingers continue on past just the shared tour, as both bands play lyrically powerful, dual vocal led melodic punk. The similar influences aren't surprising once you hear that guitarist/vocalist Bob Barnett is related to Menzingers's member Greg Barnett. However, The Future Is Cancelled definitely wins the diversity aspect of the comparison. "Adultery" is one of the strongest openers of the year with its dark, chaotic verses where you can feel the whole band losing their sanity. The shouts of "you're in my head" relate perfectly to the mood created by the verses and show how powerful the songwriting is for such a young group. The Future Is Cancelled moves beyond just simple, fast punk songs and shows off a band creating music far beyond its years, only signaling more greatness to come in the future. You can stream The Future Is Cancelled on Bandcamp, and be sure to follow the band on Facebook.

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