Monday, June 10, 2013

Artist of the Day: Cerce

Chaotic hardcore youngsters Cerce have been gaining some traction. Their abrasive music combines characteristics of powerviolence, screamo and riot-girl punk to form a grungy offensive coupled with a heart-racing live show. Introspective and critical lyrics will hit home, reverberating bass notes will insight two-steps, and sporadic drum assaults will twist minds. Despite their young age and relatively short life in the hardcore scene, Cerce is proving to be one of the most hardworking and promising bands in the scene.
The approach of the female sing-yell vocals often trail in and out between hurried gasps and agonizing throat screams, a dynamic that works well alongside the technical and furious hardcore the band has concocted. Sludgy guitar plucks ramp up into thrashing riffs, sprinkled with distortion. Snares rally violently along the occasional d-beat into tumultuous breakdowns, usually under the two minute mark. Don't underestimated their boyish (and girlish) good looks, either. The band plays one hell of a live show that should make Cerce an honorary The-Chariot-in-training. 

Their EP Teen Bible is a quick and raw taste of the band's sound, which evolved into a truly emotional hardcore on their self-titled EP. Live set staple "Weary" is a punky track with some of the band's catchiest and most memorable lyrics, while "Libel" is a quick minute-long burst of energy. The band's newest release, a split 7" with heavy hitting powerviolence band Stresscase shows a little more fine tuning. Catchier hooks, heftier production and acute refinement really let Cerce's songwriting and musicianship shine as it evolves.

The band's been making the rounds, traveling throughout most of the United States. Cerce's short Midwest run with The World Is A Beautiful Place and Dads saw them playing in front of inherently emo crowds, but nonetheless garnering new fans. Cerce continues to become a full-fleged hardcore force through extensive touring, and the best is yet to come. 

You can check out Cerce's music on Bandcamp. The band's website is constantly updated with touring and mercy information, so be sure to check that out as well. You can preorder their split with Stresscase here.

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