Monday, June 3, 2013

Artist Of The Day: CHVRCHES

After Purity Ring took over the indie world with their future leaning synth pop sound, it was rather obvious that similar bands would soon rise up along their success. CHVRCHES may lack the hip hop influence that Purity Ring has stuck into their signature sound, but the fact that each of the groups has a female vocalist sweetly singing over electronic beats with infectious melodies is enough for an association to occur. Meanwhile, both groups have taken similar trajectories to their popularity. Both Purity Ring and CHVRCHES only had a small number of songs released to enormous hype before a highly anticipated full length album, and based on the brand new track "Guns," it looks like CHVRCHES is going to follow Purity Ring's path to selling out large clubs. The higher pitched and lower pitched synths blend together seamlessly to create the driving beat of the chorus while Lauren Mayberry's vocals are more immediately pleasing than ever before. While not as in your face catchy as previous singles "The Mother We Share" and "Recover," this track may be the best constructed of the songs to date, and only indicates a blockbuster of a debut to come for the trio. Make sure to keep up with the band on Facebook and stream "Guns" on Soundcloud.

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