Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Artist of the Day: Melt Yourself Down

Later... with Jools Holland, BBC Two's flagship music programme has built much of its reputation on featuring small, exotic artists and propelling them into the public's conscience. As the only show on British mainstream television dedicated exclusively to music, it plays a vital role in both the listening habits of its viewers and the broadening of their horizons, and although somewhat stale the latest series still delivered a handful of performances which evoked the institution's enduring spirit. By far the highlight of that recently concluded spring run was its sixth episode, which together with the established excellence of Low and John Grant included an incendiary appearance from emerging London outfit Melt Yourself Down. Fresh, vibrant and brimming with manic energy, their impulsive romp instantly sparked memories of At The Drive-In's legendary mess back in 2000, although this time there was legitimate musical merit to go with the unfolding sonic bedlam. Sure enough, the six-piece have seen their profile rocket in the month or so since, but even more exciting for those who first encountered them on Jools... is that that run through "We Are Enough" merely skimmed the surface of what the group has to offer.

Melding jazz, krautrock, funk, hardcore and just about everything in-between, MYD's sound could scarcely be more eclectic, and frankly humbles the majority of acts who claim they're "difficult to pigeonhole." It is quite simply a recipe for chaos, but although that's precisely what it yields, their influences are shaped into such a natural, cohesive body that the end result could well end up providing a little something for everyone. Some, of course, will have missed the recent hype, but with a self-titled debut LP due on Monday, their name is one you're bound to hear plenty more of in coming months - and for good reason.


Melt Yourself Down is released on June 17. You can pre-order the album in various formats here.

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