Thursday, June 27, 2013

Artist of the Day: Four Tet

Four Tet's announcement of a new album, and one which according to him is the best he's made, has caused more than a stir last week. To try and give an explanation as to why: his two releases in the last 12 months have been critically acclaimed despite one being a selection of old, unreleased material and the other a collection of singles previously released on Soundcloud. To give another explanation: everyone likes Four Tet, and his signature blend of live percussion, guitar and electronic tomfoolery casts a wide net for anyone exploring music to fall into.

2013 is an exciting year for Four Tet in more ways than a new album, as it marks the 10 year anniversary of his most popular release Rounds. Commemorated with a special 10 year anniversary edition, fans now have access to previously released live performances which see Four Tet playfully tweak around with classic tracks. He distorts moods and keeps anyone familiar with the original recordings guessing, injecting a completely new mischievous flow into old classics. The album itself is still sounding as fresh as ever, so if the new album really is as good as he suggests then it is something worth clenching the edges of our seats for.

Four Tet is on Facebook, where everyone is convinced he's Burial.

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