Thursday, June 20, 2013

Artist Of The Day: The 1975

By the end of 2013, I guarantee a majority of alternative music listeners will have fallen in love with 1975. I have easily noticed their ascendence in popularity, as between March 30th (the first time I saw the band live) and tonight (my second time seeing the band) they have more than doubled their amount of Facebook fans. Their continuous output of EPs has kept their hype moving along to the point where it is assured that their debut LP will sell a surprisingly large amount of copies. In fact, "Chocolate" has been getting radio play on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio top 40 channel Hits 1, and it wouldn't shock me to see the song slowly rise the charts throughout the summer. It's the perfect warm weather jam; the song is contagiously catchy and is a super fun singalong to blast in the car. The group's self-titled album will be out on September 10th, and keep your eye on the band's tour dates on Facebook. They're a fantastic live experience and as their popularity rises, so will venue sizes, so be sure to see them as soon as you can!

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