Sunday, June 16, 2013

Artist of the Day: Son Lux

"I'll tear you apart with beautiful things" is a pretty good way of introducing Ryan Lott, a New York multi-instrumentalist producer who likes to mix soft vocals with brash, dramatic music under the alias Son Lux. Taking a lot of inspiration from trip-hop, Lott's music often borrows the stumbling percussion and melodic complexity. It's a sound which comes across as fragile and intimate, and the presence of lyrics have lead many to peg Lott as a rare electronic singer-songwriter.

The gentle yet also epic tones he creates have made Son Lux popular when it comes to his omnipresence in soundtracks, such as Looper and the hit UK drama Skins. It's something we don't hear elsewhere too often, which would make the fact his new single, Tear, follows the exact same style quite welcome.

It would be misleading to say the new two-track single is completely expected, as it's a lot more complicated and manic than previous offerings. True to its name, the tracks fracture and stumble , making the tracks feel like they're falling to pieces without actually breaking the flow. On the second song, Lott ventures into Sufjan Stevens territory as orchestral strings join rapid melodies and vocals becoming increasingly manic as it progresses. The result is excellent and in lack of a linkable copy I have to settle with the now age old cop out of "google it, please."

Tear acts as an announcement for a new album out October, and you can definitely expect this writer to review it.

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