Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Watch This: Tom Lark - "Go Get A Job"

People do all sorts of things when they're unemployed; New Zealand singer-songwriter Tom Lark wrote a song about his time. A nasty, piss-filled water balloon of a song (albeit with one helluva chorus) aptly titled "Go Get A Job." The way Lark snarls that titular slur is worth the price of admission alone, but the video does it one better by making his satirical tirade the soundtrack for a bank heist gone awry. Everything you could want is here: the Batman costume, police brigade and even the token girl-next-door.

The video's smartest decision is its progression in scenery. By the end we've gone from the confines of an anonymous roof to vibrant, spacious beach sands. To any job seeker who has ever fallen victim to the ignorant condescension of looker-ons, "Go Get A Job" will feel just as liberating.

More on Tom Lark at his Facebook page.

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