Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Yuck

A vocalist leaving a band often becomes a death sentence for a band. It's just hard for a group to recover when their main voice changes, and very often turns away a large group of their fans. Yuck's relatively long period of inactivity only helped lower expectations for upcoming material, but after a couple listens of Glow And Behold I can safely say that the album has exceeded my wildest expectations. The album pulls back on the haze that covered Yuck, a stylistic change that fits Max Bloom's voice far better than it would former vocalist Daniel Blumberg's. There is also a shift to more sophisticated arrangements, featuring trumpets on about half the album's tracks and two beautiful instrumental tracks to change anyone's perspective of what Yuck actually is. Glow And Behold is a perfect return to prominence for Yuck, and the acclaim should start beginning to pile up very soon. Get excited for Glow and Behold by streaming the two new tracks "Middle Sea" and "Rebirth," and follow them on Facebook for more information regarding the new release.

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