Sunday, September 1, 2013

Album Review: Deer Widow - Deer Widow

Album Rating: A
Midwestern emo-indie rock has churned out several influential and important bands over the years. Lately, the area has been somewhat lacking in said genre. The sporadic reunions of bands like The Get Up Kids and The Promise Ring remind us that this intricate stylization was once king amongst the heartfelt music genre. While the term "emo" will forever get redefined and tagged to whatever somewhat new genre is currently popular, Michigan's Deer Widow draws from the roots and crown jewels of the genre.
Deer Widow stands out amongst the multitude of new bands currently sprouting up constantly. Among waves and waves of retread garbage and rip-offs, Deer Widow has a completely unique, defined style. They do show influence from other groups, as all great bands should, but they never sound too similar to anyone else. They never steal small parts of other songs and think they can get away with it, like 90% of the newer bands out there. Deer Widow is breath of fresh air in the stagnant alternative music cloud.

Their debut EP is a five song collection of moderate paced rock songs, that are personal and honest in nature. Vocalist Chris Thibodeau has a voice that is impactful, yet ernest. Every song hits harder and harder on your heart, all building up to the closer, "All My Exes Pay Their Taxes," where Chris admits "once in a while I'll write a song about you." Reaching closure and moving on, he later states "but this is the last song." It's a fitting closer that caps a perfect EP.

The hidden gem though is the bonus acoustic tracks that come with the EP's download. Three acoustic versions of the full band songs exist and one new song, a song that truly is Deer Widow's best. "RIP Alf" is one of the greatest love songs I've ever heard. Tender, yet never coming across cheesy, it's a track that is so emotionally bare it tears you in two.

The 10" record is currently down for pre-order until after the band's record release show on September 14th. I'm sure these will be gone soon, so make sure to check back and grab one before you miss out.


Track list:

1. Bus Stops Moving
2. Russian River Veins
3. The Path Forsaken
4. Get The Star Jimmy
5. All My Exes Pay Their Taxes

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