Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Artist of the Day: L. Pierre

As if caring for and adding to his young family wasn't enough of a workload, 2013 has also been another productive musical year for Aidan Moffat. With his and Bill Wells' acclaimed collaboration currently on hold, the former Arab Strap man has instead devoted his time to his L. Pierre solo project, a sample-based guise vastly removed from his more familiar lyrical exploits. Kicking the year off with The Island Come True — arguably his finest work to date — the 40-year-old also found time to complete (probably) the world's first Vine album, The Eternalist, unveiling the fruits of his experiment back in July. Now, Moffat is ushering in the autmumn with yet more new material; this time an EP entitled Surface Noise, released as a 10" alongside a re-release of the first L. Pierre album, 2002's Hypnogogia. Described by the man himself as "an affectionate tribute to the wear and tear of overplayed vinyl, the hiss, scratch and pop of records long-loved but worn down," it's set to be "the last L. Pierre release for a while, and quite possibly forever," a prospect that'd be tragic were it not for all the other excellent projects he can turn to.


Surface Noise is out now

Official website

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