Monday, September 2, 2013

Artist of the Day: Tile

"Pissed off feedback rants from PA," is the header on the website of Allentown's Tile. The noisy rock band hails from an area usually associated with lighter, emotional music, but Tile is the complete opposite. On their debut album, You Had A Friend In Pennsylvania, the band lays down heavy, sludge-laden rock, coated with aggressive vocals. It's a heavy album, with influences from 80's punk and hardcore and is unforgivably combative.
The trio creates a dynamic sound that engulfs your ears as you listen to them. Tile has a way of being bigger than they are in that aspect, as the group sounds like it consists of many more members than they have. You A Had A Friend In Pennsylvania is one of the most interesting albums of 2013 so far and it is completely recommended for any fan of punk, hardcore, or rock music.

Go check out their album and their other releases at some of the following links below, and support a new and upcoming band.


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