Saturday, September 21, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Moving Mountains

While not entirely unexpected, it's still quite sad to see that Moving Mountains is probably ending their existence as a band after three more shows. The most heartbreaking part about this breakup is the fact that the band may have just released their best record. After the mediocre Waves, it seemed that the band would never hit the heights of their first record Pneuma. However, Moving Mountains is another reinvention of their sound, moving in a sonically different direction from the heavier Waves into a more subdued tone similar to The Appleseed Cast. This isn't a record that is an immediate hit – instead it's possibly one of the biggest growers of the year. Every listen brings more to the table as the record slowly seeps in to your mind. It's a record that needs time and care to really get, just as the band did with the creation of it. If you can make it to one of the band's three final shows in Boston, Brooklyn and Hamden, CT, you should really go see what should be a beautiful end to this band's existence. Check out all the information for those shows on Facebook, and be sure to read our review for the album as well.

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