Friday, September 13, 2013

Artist of the Day: Owls

The highly influential emo band Cap'n Jazz may be a common name amongst music history buffs, but the shortly lived reunion of the group under the name Owls, tends to go under the radar far too often.  All original members, minus Davey von Bohlen of The Promise Ring, were accounted for and while only one self-titled album was recorded, the group created a perfect matured progression of their teenage selfs. Comprised of angular guitar lines, howling vocals with abstract, poetic lyricism, and unique time signatures, Owls was the band that Cap'n Jazz would've been if they stayed together. They are a truly interesting group to listen to and compare to their earlier efforts.

After facing a rough breakup, due to internal disagreements all the members parted ways to work on various other projects. Sometimes these were with each other, sometimes not. The entire group never recorded under Owls again though. Until now.

The band is back working on a second album to be released this winter. Buy their debut album below and get prepared.


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