Friday, April 5, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Their / They're / There

A while back, I participated in a few events called "fantasy band drafts" where the participants picked out active band members in order to create the band of their dreams. I wouldn't doubt for a second that the idea of an "emo supergroup" led by prolific Into It. Over It singer-songwriter Evan Weiss and American Football/Owen superstar Mike Kinsella popped into the minds of quite a few people. Well, that group is fantasy no more, as the the two musicians teamed up with guitarist/songwriter Matthew Frank of math rock group Loose Lips Sink Ships to form the grammatically judgmental Their / They're / There. First single "Concession Speech Writer" perfectly represents everything that the whole EP has to offer. Expect more of Weiss's silky smooth vocals over twinkly riffs that have almost a metal quality to them and Kinsella's creative drum patterns. While it may be disappointing to some that Kinsella doesn't take over lead vocals even once throughout the six song EP, the band obviously had an idea of what they wanted to do and they easily succeeded in creating a strong six song release based on showcasing that idea. The EP will definitely remain one of the stronger emo releases of the year, but based on the cast, did anyone actually doubt that?

You can stream "Concession Speech Writer" on Rolling Stone, and be sure to check out the band on Facebook. The band's self-titled EP is out on Record Store Day (4/20).

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