Thursday, April 18, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Daft Punk

While this isn't my normal area of expertise, it goes without saying that the new Daft Punk album is going to be big. There's a clip of their new single, "Get Lucky," circulating around the internet, getting blood pumping for fans everywhere despite being only a minute in length. However, any new Daft Punk is good, seeing as their last release was a soundtrack for the famous sci-fi reprisal of Tron: Legacy, and the LP before that was 2005's Human After All. The full release of Random Access Memories is coming next month with a lot of change from the original sounds of the band, but the same technique and dance style. Rolling Stone actually reports that there will be a large reduction in the amount of electronic instruments used on the album, instead replacing these pre-recorded effects with mixed versions of studio-recorded melodies. The band never fails to impress, so we'll get to see what happens with the new album come May 17th. In the mean time, keep a look out for the full version of "Get Lucky," which is being released at midnight tonight.

Visit the Random Access Memories site or check out their Facebook page to watch for the new single.

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