Friday, April 26, 2013

Artist of the Day: Gojira

Gojira's lineup has been together
since their 1997 formation.
French death metal band Gojira's blend of precision, power and melody is unmatched in extreme music. The foursome continue to gain popularity and critical acclaim with their dynamic and ever-evolving sound, combining the swagger of Pantera with the mind-bending technicality of Meshuggah. Formed around the talents of brothers Joe and Mario Duplantier, Gojira (originally Godzilla) honed its craft for nine years before its third album From Mars to Sirius really made a splash in the international metal community.

In addition to its music, Gojira is known for supporting environmental causes, most notably the Sea Shepherd program (of Whale Wars fame). The band's lyrical subjects often include natural themes and spiritualism in an effort to raise awareness within the music community, as evidenced by song titles such as "Ocean Planet," "Global Warming," and "Toxic Garbage Island." Formed in Bayonne, France, the group cites its scenic homeland as the inspiration for their environmental affinity.

After laying low since 2008, Gojira exploded back onto the metal scene last summer with their fifth full-length album, L'enfant Sauvage, and a double-DVD concert film, The Flesh AliveFor its efforts, the band landed numerous year-end awards and reached #34 on the US Billboard chart, attesting to their cross-genre appeal.  Currently headlining a world tour with Devin Townsend, Gojira is a testament to hard work paying off as it continues to set new standards for progressive metal.

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