Monday, April 1, 2013

Artist of the Day: Jesus

Although it may have passed some, yesterday marked the second birthday of legendary musical figure Jesus. His time on this earth was brief, but he single handedly inspired entire generations of musicians to the extent of many artists -i.e. angelic ITAOTS creator Jeff Mangum- proclaiming their love for him in their hits. I'd like to see Morrissey say he's done that - even if the theory suggesting Morrissey and Jesus are the same person is most likely true.

Entire genres have been traced back to Jesus' contributions, such as organ music, Christian rock and indie folk: a genre famous for its artists' physical impersonations of their beloved inspiration, much like angelic ITAOTS creator Jeff Mangum. Other forms of music such as satanic metal have always offered a fun alternative to the Jesus-insprired norm, but have often failed to find mainstream acclaim amongst a wider audience. Many claim Jesus is still working in the music industry today under pseudonyms including the aforementioned Morrissey and angelic ITAOTS creator Jeff Mangum, as well as Justin Hawkins, all of Mumford and Sons and Bill Odie. This remains speculation, however, but I'd like to believe on this day the grandfather of music still listens to contemporary pop music today in wonder of what he's instigated.



  1. Never heard this guy's discog, where can I torrent????????

  2. Heard you could on The Freedom Bay!