Friday, April 12, 2013

Artist Of The Day: BATS

BATS is one of the most talented and original bands in post-hardcore today, and the late 2012 release of their second album The Sleep of Reason has only swelled their growing popularity. They effortlessly stand out from the crowd because really, no comparisons are accurate enough to do them justice. Sure, there are moments on The Fall of Troy’s Doppelganger which might come close to emulating the mathy riffs which BATS deploy, but the post-punk undertones and the varying song structures set it apart and are unrivalled in one package. However, the most distinguishable trait they possess is the lyrical content delivered by frontman Rupert Morris, and he fluctuates wildly between topics which physics and evolution enthusiasts marvel at. For BATS, it’s simply the norm to ponder the wisdom of pushing the boundaries of stem cell research and follow it up by recreating the fiery apocalypse of the universe’s end.

BATS are due to embark on a UK tour in the next week, and their science and astronomy inspired bombardments are likely to send tremors around a gritty, intimate setting near you soon. You can check out the details of their upcoming tour on their LastFM page, and also buy your tickets from the link below.

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