Saturday, April 27, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Frank Turner

You can count the number of hardcore singers who have successfully transitioned into thriving solo artists on one hand. And it’s a safe bet that those you counted on your other four digits haven’t been as prolific and talented as Frank Turner. From the humble beginnings of budding hardcore band Million Dead, Frank Turner quickly traded in his angst-ridden shouts and screams for a folk and rock flavour. It has been the incessant UK touring and the blossoming discography however which have really contributed to the emergence and growing popularity of Frank Turner. Countless shows and three albums in as many years all but ensured that with the right assistance, his place would be cemented among Britain’s finest.

His fourth album England Keep My Bones was a departure from the acoustic heavy sound which characterised his earlier work, and was so successful that it even earned him a spot at Danny Boyle’s cinematic London Olympics opening ceremony. So just where do you go from there? Well, more of the same please. Turner has once more utilised the strength of his ever improving backing band The Sleeping Souls, and has encouraged and benefited from the fuller, richer sound which backing bands afford. The strength of lead single “Recovery” is in no small part down to the jovial percussion and jaunty rhythm sections, and it contains a hook as catchy as those we've come to expect from Turner. His fifth album Tape Deck Heart has just been released, and early signs suggest it’s only going to propel him further into the increasingly blinding limelight.

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