Sunday, April 7, 2013

Artist Of The Day: Álfheimr

The last album I listened to by Álfheimr was released around the same time I started writing at MuzikDizcovery, and Madison Asche has increased his musical repertoire greatly since the last time I looked. Since the first quarter of 2011, the solo project has released two full-length records, two EPs, at least three singles, and a B-sides set, all of which are absolute stylistic advances on top of what Álfheimr already had to present. They seem to be inspired by different things as well - while What Allows Us To Endure is centered on the traditional post-rock sound, Here feels as though it was written with minimalist folk in mind, and Asche took and ran with it, and it sounds incredible. If post-rock / folk became the new norm, I'd be fine with it, if tracks like "Sleep" were prominently featured. The mix between so many acoustic bells and strings combined with just a small number of electronic effects to enhance the song's atmosphere is just about perfect. New tracks are slowly being released through SoundCloud, so watch for song releases in the near future. Additionally, the entire Álfheimr discography is available to stream and download for free on the Bandcamp page, so definitely take a look and check out how far the project has come.

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