Monday, June 18, 2012

Three Year Anniversary + Dizcovering Muzik: Volume 2 Announcement

So today's a big day for us at MuzikDizcovery. Three years ago, on June 18, 2009, I started up a little Blogspot page and started writing (extremely poorly written) reviews and spotlights. While my writing and musical taste has improved (although some of you may disagree), I've still kept the same opinions on what a music site should be, and that is what has kept the site running for all these years.

But none of you care about that, so here's the big news you've all been waiting for. In honor of our three year anniversary, I'd like to give back to everyone who's ever clicked on a review on our site.  On June 25, we're giving away our second sampler, full of the best music you've seen here on the site. Bands such as Now, Now, Maps and Atlases, The American Dollar, Jukebox The Ghost, I Call Fives, and many more have donated tracks to this assembly of excellent music across many different genres, and I feel it's a great representation of the wide variety that we cover on the site. Below, you can see the album art and a preliminary list of tracks that you may see on the sampler. All of these tracks have been confirmed, and quite a few more are on the way. You can follow the additions on our Facebook page.

Tracklisting has not been finalized, as these tracks will not be in this order, and songs may be added, subtracted, or changed.

Maps And Atlases - Fever
The American Dollar - Faces On The Haze
Now, Now - School Friends
Jukebox The Ghost - Oh Emily
I Call Fives - Backup Plan (EP Version)
Young Statues - Keep It Dark
Take One Car - Oceansong
Athletics - III
Ambassadors - Unconsolable
Gates - The Sound Of Letting Go
Vocal Few - Mexico
The Sun Explodes - Dead/Alive
Gatherer - Postcards
Light Black - Golden Santa
Holy Esque - Ladybird Love
State Lines - Win Free
Black Clouds - Pantheons (It's Not As If We Mattered, Part 1)
The Elwins - Stuck In The Middle
Robin Bacior - I Hate The States
Pepe Deluxe - The Storm
Bersarin Quartett - Jedem Zauber wohnt ein Ende inne
The Return Fight - Oh Betty
Silent Old Mountains - That Telescope Find

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