Saturday, June 30, 2012

Artist Spotlight: 65daysofstatic

In celebration of being busy and occupied with tours and music-making (strange thing to celebrate, right?), 65daysofstatic honors their audiences with a free-to-download EP, The Last Dance. The band has been busy of late, what with the Silent Running soundtrack late last year, and both We Were Exploding Anyway and the Heavy Sky EP the year before. However, the EP they're releasing is all previously released material, and is really more of a sampler, featuring tracks from each of the three previous releases aforementioned. A healthy mix of more space-rock / ambient things from Silent Running will mix well with their more lively material from 2010 is a great way to remind fans what they're capable of, and an even better way to introduce those who are new to the 65 club to a variable platter of their musical tastes. The Last Dance has a lot of really great material, and is definitely worth picking up at no cost to yourself for a sampler of fun hits from a well-established post-rock band.

As I said before, the release is 100% free, and can be streamed, torrented, or downloaded here.

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