Sunday, June 3, 2012

Artist Spotlight: The Saddest Landscape

We've covered The Saddest Landscape here before, but this time it's to help a needy family raise funds for hospital bills.  The Saddest Landscape are currently selling a 23 track compilation album for $1.  Filled with some of the band's most impressive material, All Is Apologized For. All Is Forgiven. is an investment well worth making.  The Saddest Landscape are one of the most solid and consistent emotional hardcore bands out there, with each release truly shinning.  Earlier this year the band released After the Lights, their fourth record.  Blending an intense atmosphere with passionate vocal delivery, The Saddest Landscape have a genuine sound all their own.  There's no better time or reason to check this band out, and on the cheap at that.

All proceeds go to aleviating the growing bills not covered by  Toni Cohn's insurance. 

Download All Is Apologized For. All Is Forgiven. here
Read about Toni Cohn's story here

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