Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Artist of the Day: Solar Fields

There's so much music out there that's simultaneously beautiful and disconnected. It's a sensation that any music junkie is bound to experience after years of perusing through blogs and music review sites, the feeling that there doesn't really seem to be much music that's applicable to life. It's always true that I can listen to as much Wu-Tang as I want, but that won't ever change the fact that I'm a rich kid living in the suburbs. I won't ever quite experience the albums' purposes, no matter how many lyrics I choose to dissect. This is the case with many of the artists I'm recommended, and while it's easy enough to appreciate good music it's nowhere near the bonding experiences necessary for an album to truly speak to the listener. This is precisely why Solar Fields is such a rejuvenating listen, and is recommended for anybody that's gotten a little disillusioned with the idea of meaningful music. It's exactly what you want it to be - it's expansive and brooding, grandiose and sprawling and is tethered to our world and its inhabitants.

The man behind the Solar Fields mask is Magnus Birgersson. His ambient downtempo discography is considered even more impressive considering that he created the soundtrack for the Xbox videogame Mirror's Edge. All things considered, though, he doesn't even need a context to create his monuments. Each of his albums says something different for each listener, because they're injected with importance at every turn and speak to our experiences personally. What's shaken me in the past few months resurfaces every time that Until We Meet the Sky (my personal favorite album of his) deconstructs itself, as much as my inhuman ambition rears its head when the pieces all reassemble. Each album of Birgersson's is dying to be the soundtrack to your life, the backdrop to your most meaningful experiences. If it excuses my unnecessarily profound description of the man's music, let it be said that his works demand either profound descriptions, or auditory explanations that only he can provide. You can peruse through his discography at the following link:

Official Website

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