Thursday, June 21, 2012

Artist of the Day: MONO

The amount of talk over how "dead" the post-rock scene is near deafening.  For years, listeners have been critical of the genre's decline and insistence on sticking to its roots.  Although typically at the forefront of that arguement, MONO is a post-rock band with a sound all its own.  They often adhere to the "climax" formula a little too much, but all in all the sense of intensity and drama is unmatched.  MONO creates some of the boldest and most grandiose music out there today.  For years they have been crafting their tried and true sound, ultimately perfecting it with 2009's Hymn to the Immortal Wind. 

Now three years later, the band has announced their latest album, For Your Parents.  Colaborating with the same team from their live DVD, MONO's latest will reveal whether or not the band will stick with what they know or dabble in experimentation.  Regardless, For Your Parents comes out September 4.

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