Friday, June 8, 2012

Artist Of The Day - Athletics

Ask the guys in Athletics 25 years from now what specific month they remember from their time as a band, and it's likely they'll say June 2012. Tomorrow, June 9, the band will be releasing their fantastic debut album, Why Aren't I Home, on beautifully colored vinyl that includes special touch-sensitive packaging. Then, on Tuesday, June 12, the band is releasing a four song EP titled Stop Torturing Yourself via Deep Elm Records. This EP contains piano renditions of songs from Why Aren't I Home, and the first streamable track "Speaking For Everyone" showcases how the piano arrangements create an even more emotionally heavy mood, sure to bring tears to anyone who listens. Finally, the band is releasing a brand new record titled Who You Are Is Not Enough on June 26. While only five songs long, the record stretches out to 30 minutes long, and showcases the best side of Athletics. I've gotten a chance to listen to the album, and while it doesn't really differ widely from Why Aren't I Home, it still carries the same ambience and power as the debut. The songs flow seamlessly into each other, making Who You Are Is Not Enough feel like one giant musical piece of multiple movements. The songs are only titled by Roman numerals, giving one a chance to make their own first impressions of the tracks. You can stream the first track of Stop Torturing Yourself here, plus the whole EP will be available on Tuesday. You can purchase the vinyl of Why Aren't I Home here, and the records are beginning to finally ship. Finally, stream "III" from Who You Are Is Not Enough here, and check out this weekend for another song stream!

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