Saturday, June 30, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Collapse Under The Empire

Since reviewing Collapse Under The Empire's last effort, I hadn't realized that they were working on a new album to release this year. However, Fragments Of A Prayer is coming this fall, and the band is in full recording force. For example, the guys of Collapse released a new song in anticipation of the album, just to keep fans satiated until autumn. "Dragonfly" has a bit of a faster, progressive feel than anything off of Shoulders & Giants did, which is a nice change for the band, as the last release was set into darker, more chaotic post-rock. The track actually feels like something God Is An Astronaut would release on an upcoming album, which is a potential reason I'm as partial to "Dragonfly" as I am. However, I think the track will do some good in keeping fans held over until Fragments is released. If you're excited for some echoing, quick-paced post-rock, take a listen to "Dragonfly" and eagerly await the release of Fragments Of A Prayer with me.

You can download "Dragonfly" for free from Collapse Under The Empire's own site.

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