Sunday, June 3, 2012

Artist of the Day: My Fictions

Nowadays, most of us rely heavily on the Internet in order to discover new music.  I often dream about smashing my computer to bits to compensate for the countless hours of my life that have been wasted perusing message boards, Blogspots, and review websites, but immediately think of the disconnect that would be created between myself and the online world of music.  Still, an overwhelming part of me wishes that I lived in a time when face-to-face, real life connection was valued above all else, because nothing quite compares to discovering your new favorite band upon hearing them for the first time at a show.  That was exactly what happened when I saw My Fictions play in Providence this past February with Connecticut’s Heavy Breath, as well as Rhode Island acts Convulsions and Breaker, where the Lowell, Mass. melodic hardcore act floored me with their lightning fast drum beats, manic dual vocal approach, and powerful use of dynamics.

Only a few months later, it was announced that My Fictions had signed with Topshelf Records.  Undoubtedly, the band’s desperate sound meshes perfectly with other Topshelf acts yet still adds breadth to the primarily emo-constituted record label.  The band’s 2011 EP, I Want Nothing, is a dark, introspective five-song journey that features gigantic riffs and a slew of tempo changes.  Clean instrumental sections often serve as a template for Bryan Carifio’s desperate screams and bring acts such as Touché Amoré to mind, yet shatter the emotional threshold implemented by other similar sounding bands.  Currently out on tour with Xerxes and MountainMan (a tour that I unfortunately and regrettably missed in my state last night) and with a 7” coming out through Topshelf this summer, My Fictions have plenty in the works for what has already been an exciting year for them.  

Check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp (name your own price on the EP!)

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