Saturday, June 2, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Carlos Cipa

Rarely do I do an "Artist Spotlight" feature for an artist whose album I intend to review (redundancy and such), but the little time I have spent with Carlos Cipa's The Monarch and the Viceroy has me greatly excited.  In fact, one listen through and I am already hooked.  What's so impressive is that it takes the best parts of modern piano composition, and adds a bit of flare.  Last year's Nils Frahm and Kashiwa Daisuke were great little piano excursions, but left a bit to be desired.  They were pretty diversions, and every so often they impressed on a large scale, but the artists' penchants for minimalistic compositions made both outings feel flat.  Cipa, however, imbues a sense of drama and excitement rarely heard in modern music such as this.  Taking a few cues from Debussy, the 22-year-old artist makes music with great intensity and wonder, with a keen ear for detail.

So far, The Monarch and the Viceroy is proving to have a lot of staying power.  It is affecting, grandiose, and every other bold adjective one can think of.  Keep June 28 marked on your calendars, and expect a full review soon.

Check out three songs on Cipa's Soundcloud 

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