Tuesday, August 30, 2011

StumbleDrunk - Collusion

"I'm really, really proud of it...
And never imagined I'd be playing music like that."

This above quote is from Carter Francis, lead vocalist of StumbleDrunk, regarding their new EP Collusion. It's easy to understand where that quote was coming from, as Collusion is a brutal and harsh expression of his (and the rest of the band's) musical talents. The five song EP is just under ten minutes, with not one tranquil moment throughout the entire thing. "Still Wasted" opens the record with intense shouts from Francis, a far cry from his much more controlled main project Again, For The Win. "Sink Down" attempts a dark, bass led track, and succeeds as the calmest moment of record. Yet even as the calmest moment, the eeriness of the bass leads to almost a more intense feel than the vicious assaults of songs like the extremely punky "Sketchy People" or Francis' best expression of his powerful vocals in "Collusion". While the music that StumbleDrunk plays may not have been on their agenda, it's a perfect expression of the unpredictability of life.  Even the most hostile and dangerous of situations can lead to growth, just as StumbleDrunk takes their violent riffs and maneuvers them into one of the strongest punk EP's of the year.

Stream "Still Wasted" on MuzikDizcovery here
Stream "Collusion", and download the record for free on its release date of 9/9/11 here

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