Monday, August 22, 2011

Album Review: Banquets - Top Button, Bottom Shelf

Jersey City based Banquets is set to release their debut LP Top Button, Bottom Shelf on August 23rd. The group was lucky enough to record with Will Putney at the Machine Shop, and the investment shows. Crisp and modern with an old school attitude, Top Button is a solid debut sure to garner the attention that Banquets deserves.

Though advertised as a pop punk band, Banquets really has more of a rock band mentality. The vocal delivery and guitar work complement each other well, reminiscent of the punk attitude of The Flatliners’ Cavalcade crossed with the dramatic indie rock of The Dangerous Summer’s War Paint. Ultimately, Top Button is a very enjoyable and listenable record for fans of any kind of music. The record feels familiar from the beginning of the first spin. However, despite its appeal, the simplicity of the record also serves as its greatest weakness. Clocking in at merely 25 minutes, Banquets does little to deviate from their feel good formula in the short time that they give themselves. With a bit of progression and experimentation in their sound, Banquets will certainly become an important force in today’s music scene.

Top Button is an impressive release from a band in the vein of Banquets. A great soundtrack to any summer drive, most will be hard pressed to find something to complain about.


01. 377
02. Just Me and My Canseco Rookie Card
03. Forever Bender
04. Sound Of Money
05. Best Night Of The Night
06. Fireplug
07. Heads Down, Thumbs Up
08. Unforgiven V
09. Sometimes A Wolf
10. Lips To The Ground

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