Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Circle Takes the Square-Decompositions

Experimental post-hardcore/emo kings Circle Takes the Square have quite a reputation. Odd, considering the band has only released one full-length album in their nearly ten year history. Really, that fact speaks volumes of how much their 2003 effort, As the Roots Undo effected the scene. It was a brash, unrefined, chaotic display youthful exuberance, all wrapped up in a package that seemed to have been created by a band 10 years their senior. Regardless, people still speak of As the Roots Undo with incredible fondness, citing it as one of last decades finest moments.

Seven years those people have been waiting. Circle Takes the Square have been off and on in respect to creating music, with a dry spell that's lasted the better part of a decade. However that spell will end this November, when the band releases their sophomore effort, Decompositions: Volume I. The album will be in a narrative format, detailing several stories as well as including the peaks and valleys of their debut. It's slated to be just as poetic and beautiful, with special attention once more to the lyrical content.

The wait won't be too long, as CTTS will release the album's first chapter, Rites of Initiation as a digital EP on August 23rd.

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