Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brighter Brightest

It shocks me how there are bands out there that play extremely similar music to a more mainstream band, yet they don't receive even a fraction of the credit and popularity. It's even more shocking when that underground band blows away that popular band in every aspect, particularly in vocals and songwriting skill. In this case, we're comparing The Maine to Brighter Brightest. Vocalist Derek Hoffman is definitely comparable to The Maine's lead vocalist John O'Callaghan, yet the former's vocal tone is much smoother and more accessible than the latter.  The Maine's latest effort Black and White contained two or three strong tracks, and seven or eight forgettable ones, while Brighter Brightest's Right For Me is chock full of catchy, memorable pop-rock tracks. Brighter Brightest is a better version of The Maine, so why do they have 570,000 fewer Facebook fans? It just makes no sense to me. You can listen to and purchase some of Brighter Brightest's tracks on their Facebook page here.

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