Thursday, August 25, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Imagine Dragons

I could probably assign an appropriate genre to Imagine Dragons eventually, but it would look awful in print: something along the lines of indie/pop/rock-tronica--a bit unwieldy.  The Las Vegas act's first full-length 'It's Time' is full of a wide variety of sounds.  The titular first track sounds a lot like pop/rock veterans Sherwood, but later seem to channel more of a laid-back MGMT style.  Though there is a range of variation in style, the album is remarkably reliable when it comes to smooth guitar work, memorable and creative melodies, and a confidence that belies this band's potential.  They aren't afraid to switch up genres, vocal styles, try new things, and have fun.  In the hands of another band, these songs could merely inspire a "same old, same old" reaction from listeners, but instead, these songs, treated with Imagine Dragons' exuberance and talent, makes me want to forget anyone ever wrote a pop/rock/tronica song before this.  Check out "Look How Far We've Come" and other tracks here at their official website.

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