Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Daytrader

Pop punk is a genre notorious for oversaturation. Simple, fun, and tolerable to the huge portion of the populous who only listen to Top 40, it is an ideal genre for young bands. Thus, countless cookie cutter pop punk bands with no talent have flooded the scene in recent years and done a good job at giving pop punk a bad name. However, one benefit of such a terrible scene is that those with talent truly shine. Brooklyn, NY natives Daytrader are one of the rare exceptions, and Run For Cover Records was quick to catch them on their way up.

Daytrader is definitely at their heart a pop punk band, but one of the reasons they are so appealing is their diverse sound. Like Transit, Daytrader puts a darker spin on the genre, with clear influences from indie and 90’s emo. The instrumentation is interesting and catchy, giving Daytrader their own unique sound. Vocalist Tym (whose last name sadly eludes me) delivers an impressive performance, restraining himself just as you expect him to hit a big note. Tym’s vocals are perhaps the most impressive aspect of Daytrader’s sound, complementing the dark, brooding crunch of the guitars perfectly.

2011 has been a big year for Daytrader, including the release of their EP Last Days of Rome and a national tour with The Swellers and Fake Problems. Though the presence of an ex-member of Crime in Stereo may have helped garner Daytrader attention from fans and labels alike, the fact remains that the group deserves all of the success they have attained thus far. I confidently expect great things from Daytrader in the future.

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